Visualizing Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in NYC Using a Bar Graph

By Kristen Sosulski


This tutorial will teach you how to make an effective Bar Graph using Tableau.


The data required is available on NYC OpenData

Visual Display

The bar chart you will work on will look like the one given above. There are many ways in which you can represent data using Bar Chart format..

How To Make a Bar Graph in Tableau?

1.Download my sample file at:
2. Import file into Tableau
3. Go to Sheet 1 and observe the dimensions and measures
4. Drag Location T to Columns (which is in the upper edge of the window) and Number of Records from Measures to Rows (which is directly underneath Columns).
5. Display data by type by dragging Type to the Color option in the Marks card
6. Customize your Bar Chart by editing options we’ve explored