The Presentation

What is the best way to use data graphics in a presentation?


Find out the best way to use data graphics.

1. Try redesigning the slide

If you are feeling ambitious, you can download the slide from and redesign it.  Go to the end of the chapter to see the steps I took to redesign the slide.This chapter will describe the elements of good slide design with examples. This will help you hone your instincts for identifying poor design and give you simple ways to correct it. We’ll begin discussing the best use of presentation software, the major presentation pitfalls, how best to design presentations, and key tips for ensuring a successful delivery.

2. Slide template

Start with a slide template or build one. Learn more at:

3. Screencasting

Many interactive or animated visualizations must be shown through a web browser or the native application in which it was created. Stopping a presentation to launch another application is disruptive to the flow of a slide presentation. Instead, pre-record the animation or interaction that you want to show during the live presentation. Embed the recording in your slide presentation. Learn more at:

4. Sharing slide presentation

If you want to share your slides with others after the presentation, there are many platforms available for uploading and sharing slide presentations. Learn more at: