The Tools

Which software should you use to build data graphics?


Here are few examples of tools that can be used for visualization

1. Microsoft Excel

If you use Excel exclusively in your practice, consider creating chart templates to which you can apply your own chart style. http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/excel/

2. Radar Chart created in Excel

Managers may do their analyses in Excel but present their charts in PowerPoint. There are additional plug-ins, for PowerPoint that extend the chart features and options. These include charting, layout, and additional data formatting features. Learn more at: http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/powerpoint/

3. Google Chart

For a gallery of chart possibilities, go to: http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/googlecharts

4. Javascript

Check out more options for data visualization JavaScript libraries: http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/javascript