The Design

How do you design readable and clear data graphics?


This chapter focuses on design decisions that can affect the efficacy of data visualizations. There are some simple, core design standards applicable to every chart.

1. Jamaica’s rural population

How would you present Jamaica’s changing rural population? Download the data from http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/jamaica and create your own data graphic

2. Cultural meaning of colors

There are multiple positive and negative cultural meanings for the color red. Learn more at: http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/colormeaning

3. Removing chartjunk

See more ways to remove chartjunk from your charts at: http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/chartjunk

4. Data Richness

Rework the chart presented in Figure 5.14. Modify the chart to label each line. Then create another chart and use a different color line for each country. Evaluate which chart shows the data best. Download the example from http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/datarichness