The End

Where to from here?


After power packed learning experience here are few key takeaways which might help you. 

1. The Big RED Bubble

Hans Rosling’s Ted Talk presentation serves as the classic example of how to clearly explain a data graphic to an audience. Watch this video: http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/hansrosling. Rosling explains the axes, the colors, and the encodings. Listen for when he describes China as “the big red bubble” as a cue to point the audience’s attention to the country of interest.

2. The Dolphin in the rose

A classic optical illusion used to explain elements of human memory and perception is a picture of a rose with a dolphin hidden in the rose’s petals.  Take a look at the original image: http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/dolphin.

3. Archetypes

Below are nine archetypes to help you build your templates. The design standards are applied to each chart. The charts are in grayscale.  All of the archetypes available for download at: http://becomingvisual.com/portfolio/archetypes.

4. Training

list of training opportunities and the top workshops on data visualization at: http://becomingvisual.com/training