Visualizing Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in NYC Using a Table

By Kristen Sosulski


In this tutorial you’ll learn how to process the data of the free Wi-Fi hotspots in the New York City using a Table.


The data required is available on NYC OpenData

Visual Display

The Table you will work on will look like the one given above. The Table should give proper information and must display the relation between its entities

How To Make a Table in Tableau?

1. Download my sample file at:
2. Import file into Tableau
3. Click “Sheet 1” and observe the dimensions and measures on the left-hand side
4. Drag Type and Provider from Dimensions to Rows at the top of your screen under Columns
5. Select “Square” under the selection menu from Worksheet > Show Cards > Marks
6. Drag Number of Records from Measures to the “Colors” card under Marks
7. Drag Number of Records from Measures again to the “Label” card under Marks